Tom Talleur is a technology and travel writer and the managing editor of, a Native American woman-owned travel small business, focusing on world-roving lifestyles and travel. Serving as an analyst, commentator and subject matter expert for television, radio, and print media over the past 25-years, Tom's stories span an array of topics including travel, technology, history, culture, security, and law. 

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How to Protect Your Property Online: Part II

In part I of this series on How To Protect Your Property Online, we talked about the value of using digital signatures and setting your files to a read-only status […]

How To Protect Your Property Online: Part I

There are many actions you can take to protect your brand online. You can trademark your name, brand, and logo and copyright what you publish. But these actions may not […]

Rovertreks — A Photographic Review of our Travels in 2017

When you travel the world 300 days a year as we do, it can be revealing to look back and take stock of all you have seen and done. As […]

Haw River, Infuses History, Renews Souls

TravelWorld International Magazine Winter 2018: Page 32 Thanks to Grace VandeVisser Executive Director, Burlington/Alamance County CVB Burlington, NC 27216 Toll Free: 800-637-3804

Greenland: A cultural, political, and geographic oddity

Greenland. It’s one of the most out-of-the-way destinations on Earth. It’s a place you’d hardly give a thought to visiting unless you’re a researcher studying the polar ice caps, global […]

Shetland: visit to lose yourself in a unique cinematography of Nordic-Scottish history

At 60° North, a titanic conflict from antiquity rages between the Atlantic and the Sea of the North, for dominion over a subarctic archipelago home to the 100-island chain known […]

Want to see the Moon? Go to Iceland.

Iceland is a curious place. If you ask almost anyone other than an Icelander about it, you’ll prompt an “I don’t know, but that’s interesting” type response. And it’s a […]

Do you have what it takes to be a rover?

Living a nomadic lifestyle is right around the corner — if you want it —

Escape to Greece: Hidden Beach Getaways Await You On Skopelos

No one knows for sure how many beaches there are on the 12.7-mile long island of Skopelos. Not even the locals, whose ancestors scaled the craggy green pine and white […]