Hosting a Media Trip for IFWTWA

International Food, Wine & Travel Writers Association IFWTWA


In addition to its being on the home page of IFWTWA, we promote the trip via our monthly newsletter, Press Pass, an email blast to our members, the IFWTWA Blog, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter,, Travel4Press, Tripatini, and other online outlets.

All applicants sign agreeing they will abide by the IFWTWA Code of Conduct as well as the Expectations of Conduct for Events and Media Trips. All participants are expected to take part in all activities. When an adventure activity is offered, it is nice if an alternative venue is available as an option. Many of our journalists are into social networking on site, so that provides added content.

All participants send the host, as well as our Administrative Director and Media Trip Results Blog, a link to their articles as they are published. All participants are expected to publish. If they do not come through, their applications are not submitted for future trips. That has not been a problem the last 3 years. Most publish or broadcast more than one article in addition to many blog posts.


After the host provides a tentative itinerary of what they wish to showcase (subject to change), we set up an application and itinerary on our website The host determines the length of the trip and the number of participants. The host also determines if a pre or post trip can be offered to a region. We do have several members who are team writers and share a room.

The host covers transfers, tours, entry fees, lodging and meals. If there are any special services the host wants covered, like spa treatments, they would also cover those. When full air or gateway air is included, there are more applicants for the host to choose who they wish to participate.

Once we have the registrations, we provide the host with a spreadsheet that shows the name and contact information, outlet, and profile link for each applicant. Examples of profiles included for each applicant: Maralyn D. Hill and Michelle M. Winner.

The host determines which applicants to accept on the trip. In the case of Switzerland, they called several writers to talk with them first. Nova Scotia called us for some input. Journalists who meet the host’s vetting are then notified of acceptance by IFWTWA.

For Nova Scotia, each purchased his own air, submitted a copy of the reservation, and then was reimbursed. For Switzerland, the host handled all air from gateway cities.

We do charge our members a registration fee, as we are a non-profit and doing all the work takes extra hours of labor we have to pay.

”Maja Gartmann ST LAX” and “Pamela Wamback,” would both provide references. If needed, we can supply more names. We also have a Media Trip Results Blog where we add the published articles as they are sent in. It shows a past return on investment. With that said, we have been invited back to Switzerland for 2012 as well as Gulf Shores and other destinations. Our journalists usually do numerous features about any trip.

Please send inquiries to Linda Kissam at or Lisa Richardson at