Links can change status without notice at any time. We keep these links as up to date as we can.

  • There are many compilations on the Internet of resource links for Writers. We hope this collection will be particularly useful to food and travel writers.
  • We have tried to avoid linking to Web sites that have all the same listings as ours, in order to avoid taxing the server and the bandwidth of others. Some overlap is inevitable.

Especially for Travel Writers

  • Air Travel Newsgroups – EV1.net
  • The BPE Travel Page
  • Caribbean pieces – From the site: "We are the source for submitting travel stories centering on the Caribbean and Caribbean area Cruises for a new online magazine called (quite coincidentally) The Caribbean and Cruise Travel Magazine.
  • Condé Nast Traveler – useful links
  • Internet Research for Writers – Very good faq (HTML format) on writing resources across the Internet. Don’t miss the "URLs for a Rainy Day" page with its long list of useful research and related links. One of the best collections of reference links on the Web.
  • The Literate – A travel bookstore with extensive links to both writing and travel resources (including many for travelers with disabilities).
  • The Link Exchange searcher – check here under "Travel" for a large and growing list of links that can be useful for research.

Especially for Food and Wine Writers

Reference Material

Style Guides

English Grammar



Gastronomy Dictionaries

Writers’ Associations & Listings

Other Writing-Related Resources

IFWTWA gratefully acknowledges the various compilations of these and other links and information offered by many fine organizations and individuals who support working writers.

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