Press Pass 2017

In This Issue — April 2017

  • In Purposeful Journey, Lisa Richardson and Elizabeth Willoughby continue to showcase outstanding member journalists each month with a clip from last year’s IFWTWA-sponsored media trip to Jordan by Janice Nieder.
  • In The Purposeful Journey, Media trips chair and co-chair Lisa Richardson and Elizabeth Willoughby showcase IFWTWA journalist Gwen Pratesi’s two-part “Visiting Western Montana” from last year’s media trip.
  • John Lamkin, Publications chairperson, celebrates the launch of issue 7 of FWT Magazine and continuing opportunities with FWT, its associated blog and Press Pass.
  • Beth Graham provides an update on FWT and six simple things we can all do to make it self-sustaining.
  • Adrianne Morrison, IFWTWA Program Coordinator & Member Volunteer, offers a big thank you to volunteers, with a special bouquet to M’Liss Hinshaw, who worked tirelessly with Sue Montgomery on the 2016 Conference.
  • Volunteer Spotlight presents Mary Chong, who not only designed and laid out the 2016 conference program but contributes to FWT, serves as FWT’s Associate Editor, all since last August.
  • Markets offers information on good freelance markets among the airline inflight magazines, what they are buying and how to contact them.
  • Story Opportunities lists good story hooks from Chicago to Grenada, Norway, Maui and more.

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