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Volume 38, Issue 06, June 2020

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Letter From the Editor

Good June, everyone!Chris Cutler, Pretty blond sitting at her computer desk with blurred bookshelves in background

Hopefully you are all well and have avoided the virus. Hopefully we are coming off of the worst of this and will be able to start traveling again soon. The fact that I cannot go to Italy in the foreseeable future bothers me, but I am trying to write about places close to where we live and places I've been. It helps keep my mind on travel. 

We hope this issue gets you excited about traveling. Liz Orient has an article about dealing with travel work in the time of COVID, and Betsi Hill introduces us to the Atlantic Hotel and Resort in Ft. Lauderdale. The Atlantic was to host us for the November convention, but as we mentioned last month, we have had to cancel due to repercussions caused by the pandemic.

Remember that the deadline for submitting FWT pitches for our summer issue is due this week (Info below). Food, Wine, Travel's latest digital issue will hit the streets within the next week. In addition, Pam & Gary Baker update you on the IFWTWA website photo.

In place of our board report, we have an announcement for board elections. 

Coming next month, we have someone who has volunteered to write a column about possible outlets for your articles.

Here's to a productive and happier summer!


It's Election Time

The International Food, Wine and Travel Writers Association (IFWTWA) is seeking nominations of qualified individuals to serve on the Board of Directors. Board members represent IFWTWA and are advocates for its mission and activities. We are a working board each with our own committee or projects to oversee. IFWTWA board members reflect the various landscapes in which this nonprofit operates, and advocate for and with its members.

Black & white silhouette image hand placing ballot in voting box

Five (5) directorships are open for election. Nominations for candidates must be received by August 27th, 2020 for consideration. Elections will commence September 1st and close on September 24th, 2020. An election-specific email will be send to all members on June 15th containing information about “How to submit a nomination" and further details. 

IFWTWA is a nonprofit 501(c)(6) mutual benefit corporation and is not organized for the private gain of any person. Board members serve without compensation. We seek a wide spectrum of committed candidates. Self-nominations are welcome. Every board member must participate as an active officer of the board or as a chair or member of a committee. Each board member is expected to participate in all scheduled board meetings which are currently held bi-monthly via Zoom virtual conference meetings. On non-meeting months, members must complete board reports and participate via Podio. Board terms are four (4) years: 2021–2024.

For questions or more information, please contact Secretary, Mary Farah.

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If you have plans to travel to the UK this summer, the government has instituted a mandatory 14-day quarantine for all people arriving from outside of the country no matter the mode of transportation. You can read more about it here:


Many people are considering summer road trips instead of air or train travel this year. The Wall Street Journal has plenty of advice to help you inform your readers:


Travel Pulse also takes on the summer road trip market with ideas for 10 trips you can take from home. 

FWT Magazine Logo

FWT Summer Issue — Call for Submissions

The pandemic is affecting everything, it seems, including the summer issue of Food, Wine, Travel Magazine. We had planned on printing a summer travel guide, but research indicates that people crave food-related stories and recipes. Instead, let’s help out our restaurants in this time by showing them a little love. 

The theme is “Restaurants and Chefs.”

Delicious pizza in front of roaring hot Oven

Submission Guides 

  • Articles must be a review of a restaurant or an interview with a chef. Your restaurant/chef does not have to be local, but it cannot be a chain restaurant. (In other words, you can include a restaurant from a trip you took.)

  • Each article must include a recipe from said restaurant or chef. Recipe types may include drinks, cocktails, pastries, appetizers, entrees, etc.

  • Photos must be high quality. Get some from the restaurant if you need them.

Submit your pitch to me no later than June 15. Please include the name of the restaurant/chef, location, and possible recipe (so I don’t get 20 peanut butter cookie recipes). Send to [email protected] (NOTE NEW EMAIL).

Share Your Photos on the IFWTWA Home Page
by Pam & Gary Baker

Greetings fellow IFWTWA members. Do you have a favorite food, wine or travel photo you’d love to share?

Pam & Gary Baker avatarIFWTWA has a new Home Page Photography Committee to solicit photos for our website's home page. Each month, we’ll select one new photo. That member will be featured on the home page under a new Panorama of the month section.

Each member can submit up to two images. The image size must be at least 2600 px wide. Orientation must be horizontal as the images will be used for top & bottom banner on the homepage.

June 2020 Banner & Featured Member
Strawberry Chiffon © Kurt Jacobson

Strawberry Chiffon cake at Bread and Butter Bakery

Photos submitted must include your name as part of the file name, so we know what belongs to who. If your photo is selected, we’ll ask you for a description of the photo, and any interesting details around it. We’ll include a link to your IFWTWA profile and your website. 

We recently solicited photos from all of you via an email and Facebook announcement. Many of you provided some wonderful photos and we appreciate your contributions. We plan to do another round again in a few months, so watch your inbox for future announcements!

The Atlantic Resort Hotel & Spa
by Betsi Hill

Located on one of America's most scenic road routes, A1A, is one of Fort Lauderdale's luxurious hotels—The Atlantic Hotel & Spa. Just a short walk from this elegant hotel, you'll find yourself on Ft. Lauderdale Beach, with glistening white sand edged by turquoise water.

View of Atlantic Hotel from the beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

The Atlantic is a chic, upscale hotel with a casual vibe that invites visitors to slip into beach casual as soon as they walk in. Imagine yourself stepping onto a balcony overlooking the beach, as the sound of waves crashing on the beach tickle your ears as you sip your morning coffee and welcome another day.

Throughout the hotel you'll find elegant, comfortable furnishings with whimsical pops of colorful art, reminiscent of the Caribbean. There are intimate conversational areas scattered throughout the lobby space.

The Atlantic is an all-suite hotel, and each room includes fantastic views from the balcony. Expansive marble baths and kitchens or kitchenettes complete each room.

Dinner al Fresco on Wild Thyme's terrace is a marvelous experience as you nosh on fresh ocean-to-table and farm-to-table specialties with an unusual twist. We adore the coconut conch fritters - the coconut adds a fun twist to a Bahamian staple.

Lounge by the pool on the 5th floor and take in the incredible ocean views. Of course, sipping on an afternoon cocktail to combat the heat is a perfect excuse to relax after spending the morning shopping along Las Olas Boulevard, a short Uber ride away.

The Atlantic Pool DeckSpeaking of the pool, Sky Bar is on the 5th-floor pool deck. With its relaxed and laid back casual coastal feel, Sky Bar is an excellent choice for an early cocktail and appetizers, or an after-dinner libation as you listen to the sound of waves crashing on the shore as the moonlight dances on the water.

Let your body experience the relaxation and tranquility of Spa Atlantic. As frequent visitors to Ft. Lauderdale, I have experienced the incredible Spa Atlantic; you are in for a treat! From the breathtaking views overlooking the Atlantic Ocean to the subdued atmosphere, everything about Spa Atlantic speaks relaxation.

Both the Atlantic and the Signature massages are incredible. You'll be in good hands and relaxed and rejuvenated after a visit to Spa Atlantic.

While you may never want to leave the Atlantic Hotel & Spa, there are a few highlights to a Fort Lauderdale visit. Take an early morning Beachwalk and slip your shoes off for nature's pedicure. There is nothing more serene than an early morning walk along the water's edge as you watch the sun peek over the horizon.

Known as the "Venice of the Americas" you won't want to miss a water taxi trip. You'll see mansions, yachts, and more on the myriad waterways. Walk down A1A, and people-watch from one of the many cafes.

No matter what you do, you'll enjoy the beach casual in Ft. Lauderdale, along with a stay at The Atlantic Hotel & Spa.

How to stay successful as a travel writer during a pandemic
by Liz Orient

Get Organized

Those notes, draft articles, and photo dumps aren’t going to magically file themselves away into their respective folders. This is the perfect time to take inventory of what you have and make some sense of the madness. Consider starting an archive for items that are over a year old; whatever you do, don’t delete them. You never know when that content could come in handy…

Cabin entry decorated with American Indian upward arrow art on wall supporting wooden stairs above with wooden stairs

Upward © Liz Orient, The Traveling Editor

Submit Content

Curate whatever you found while organizing, research media outlets that seem like a good fit, and submit your content. Is that article on San Francisco from 2018 still sitting on your computer desktop? Yes, I am talking to you, almighty procrastinator. Leverage the downtime that magazines have to your advantage and show them that you’re worthy of publication.

Network, Network, Network

We are all in this together. Thank PR professionals, media agencies, editors, and tourism contacts for supporting your work. Better yet, get creative together and find a way to mutually drive business. Don’t forget about your fellow writers; connect with them on social media and share each other’s articles. Like a new-age calisthenic exercise, reach out and lift up.

Travel Virtually

Many industry professionals are offering “virtual” tours of the cities that they represent. Since we cannot travel, consider joining their seminars to learn more about a place that you’ve been interested in writing about. I receive at least one request a week to participate in a “virtual travel” opportunity. Need new content but can’t go anywhere? No problem!

Educate Yourself

Take an online course in writing or editing. Brush up on your photography, marketing, and website design skills. Or, learn an entirely new skill that can help round out your resume and portfolio. Personally, I have had great success with Coursera. A few of my colleagues have also recommended Khan Academy and Udemy. The online world is your oyster!

Set Those Goals

The COVID-19 pandemic won’t last forever. Given the circumstances, where do you see yourself in 3, 6, 9, and 12 months? What goals would you like to accomplish? The important part: Sit with yourself long enough to allow impulsive ambitions make way for realistic objectives. Look at your resources and devise a plan of attack. Once this chaos resolves itself, having direction will keep you ahead of the game.

Association Recognitions

It’s an honor to give recognition to members having anniversaries. We thank each of you for including IFWTWA on your pathway to success. Your choice to work hard, think positive, network, and use your member benefits bring you to a whole new level of achievement. Way to go!

—  5 Years  —

Jacki Ueng avatarJacki Ueng
Bohemian Vagabond Travel Blog
Bohemian Vagabond on YouTube 
Hacienda Heights, CA

Travel Blogger based in Los Angeles. Journalist focused on Solo Female Travel around the world. Published in various print publications, with 2 youtube channels: @jackiueng & @areaanewsnetwork. (over 120,000 followers)

Get to Know Our New Members

Row of wine glasses with various colored wine

Kate Hammaren avatarKate Hammaren (coming soon)
Hindhead, United Kingdom

I'm a professional freelance copywriter and editor from the UK, with 15 years' experience in ‘word wrangling’. I specialise in ranch vacations, and luxury and adventure travel, and I absolutely love what I do! I was formerly Assistant Editor for a leading equestrian magazine (Horse&Rider UK), but decided to go down the freelance route in 2012 so I could embrace my true passion: travel. I’ve spent the past six years based in the Philippines and have visited many places, including Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia and the Cook Islands. My clients include US-based and (for which I’m Managing Editor and Membership Director), and I’ve also made trips to the U.S. to experience life on a ranch. As well as ranch vacations, I produce web and media content for luxury hotels, writing about their food, wine and accommodation. Currently in the process of putting together my new website, hoping to launch soon!

Suzanne Stavert avatarSuzanne Stavert
Adventures of Empty Nesters
Pasadena, California

For the past six years, I have been traveling and tasting my way through the globe. I created my blog, Adventures of Empty Nesters in order to write about my adventures and have built an engaged audience. I now collaborate with many different companies like Viking Cruises, Collette Travel,, AARP Travel, and Expedia. Last year I was the featured traveler in a grand marketing video filmed in Iceland by Collette Travel, enjoyed a culinary tour with Oldways through Northern Italy and was a guest of Odakyu and Keihan transportation companies on a glorious trip through Japan by rail. I have many more adventures I could share, but suffice it to say that travel, delicious food and wine are my passion and I believe your association is filled with people just like me!

IFWTWA Resources: Connect with our Members and Experts 

Connect with fellow IFWTWA experts. Meet virtually in our social community forums; create your own Social Circles. Make connections from your profile. Plan a live meetup. Keep up-to-date by joining our private Facebook Members Group—participate in weekly social media campaigns for likes, follows & retweets. Attend the conference. Volunteer on committees and work with our Board of Directors.

Young woman having video Zoom call via computer in the home office. Remote teem meeting Stay at home and work from home concept. Manage Online office

Reach out today! It's fun and mutually beneficial to network with your colleagues. Learn from each other and grow your own and fellow member's career goals and online presence. We know you are busy, on-the-move professionals, so your participation in IFWTWA is very much appreciated.

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